Vampire Abilities

Alternate Feeding (Master)

There are tales of vampires who are able to sustain themselves off of things other than blood. These alternative feedings draw from the life force of the victim just as it does with the drinking of blood. When this ability is taken, the specific alternative must be determined. The most traditional of these are fear and lust. Those that feed off of fear are often referred to as 'Hags', while those who feed off of lust are referred to as 'Incubus' if male, or 'Succubus' if female. Ancient Irish legends refer to vampires who were able to feed off of the creativity of mortals, inspiring them to great works of art only to leave them as burnt out and empty shells afterwards.

Control Animal (Master or Padma Only)

Only Master Vampires and those of Padma's line (whether they are a master or not) have the ability to Control Animals. This includes normal, magical, and even shifters of that animal. When the power is taken a given animal must be decided and cannot be changed after that point. It is not a specific species, but a type of animal (ie. wolf, not timber wolf or European wolf). Only Master vampires who have a Power score of 9 or 10 might have the ability to call upon another type of animal, and even then, it must be of a similar type of animals. For example, a Master Vampire who can call wolves might find him capable of calling foxes or dogs as well.

When it comes to resisting a vampire's call, it is based on the respective Power of the vampire and shifter. If the Shifter's Power is greater than the vampire, then they are able to resist the "Call". If it is equal to the Vampire's Power, then it becomes a contest of Wills.

Control Emotion (Master)

Master Vampires with this ability have the power to invoke or manipulate emotions in their target. This might be as simple as causing the person to become irrationally frightened, despite the fact that they have no reason to, to feel desire and lust for the vampire, or even to become emotionally numb and desensitized to what is going on around them.

Control Senses (Only Belle)

It is said that those of Belle Morte's line have the ability to manipulate the minds of those around them, so that their individual senses are dampened or heightened as they wish. This can give the vampire the illusion of turning into mist and fading from sight or to appear to make absolutely no sound as they walk. While they do not actually vanish, the target or targets perceive them to have.

Control Shadows

Vampires with this ability have the power to control the shadows around them, either to make them move as they choose or to grow thicker or thinner. This can be used, in a similar way as Control Senses to vanish from sight by stepping into an impenetrable pool of shadows.

Control Shape (Only Master Padma & Master Dragon)

Only Masters of the Padma or Dragon lines are said to possess the power to turn into animals. It is also said that some have the ability to change their face to appear as another.

Flight (Master)

The power of flight is one that has been held to many vampires. In truth only master vampires can possess the ability. Those who do possess the ability of flight may move through the air at the same rate of movement that they would possess on land.


While vampires are tougher than your average human, they can still be injured. Many vampires have the power of Healing, which lets them heal from those injuries more quickly than is otherwise possible, making them seem nigh unstoppable.

Mark Human Servant (Master)

Master Vampires have the ability to form a powerful psychic bond with a human. There are actually four "Marks" that must be bestowed onto a human to fully make them a vampire's human servant. Until the fourth mark is bestowed, multiple vampires can attempt to make a human their servants. The marks are as such:

  • The First Mark - The Vampire shares his life essence with a human. There are no marks of this visible to those who are not sensitive to such. The marked human may not even notice that they have been marked. Those who bear the First Mark find themselves to heal faster than normal and possess a greater resistance to pain and the mental powers of other vampires.
  • The Second Mark - The Second Mark allows a vampire to "feed" from the marked human by syphoning off their life energy through the bond. They may also enter into the servant's dreams to communicate with them or to even manipulate their dreams.
  • The Third Mark - The Third Mark affords the human servant a greater ability to heal themselves and greater resistance to the influence of others. At this point, the Human Servant is immune to all natural poisons. Also, the vampire and servant are able to communicate telepathically with one another, sharing thoughts and memories. Also, as a minor note, the vampire is able to taste whatever the servant can.
  • The Fourth Mark - The Fourth and final Mark completes the bonding. They are able to feel what the other is feeling, to know their state of being and mind. The human servant now ceases to age, though they remain human. The vampire and servant are bound together. Killing one will usually result in the death of the other. A strong vampire might survive the death of a human servant but will be greatly weakened by it, and a human servant who survives might very well be driven mad by the experience.


Masking is the ability to make one seem more or completely mortal. It is what allows a vampire to pass for human even when they are being observed.

Mind Rolling

Mind Rolling is the vampire's ability to seize control of the mind of a human and ensorcer them. It allows a vampire to make a victim forget that they had ever met the vampire and therefore not remember said vampire feeding on them. It can make a human follow programmed commands. This is the power that inspired the legends of vampires hypnotizing their victims by looking into their eyes. In truth, meeting the eyes of a vampire increases their ability to grab hold of your mind. After all, as they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Self Decomposition (Morte Only)

Those of Morte's line have the ability to turn themselves into rotting corpses. This frightening power can have a devastating effect on those who watch it. But more importantly, it allows the vampire to take a great deal of damage and to heal it when they resolidifiy.


Voice Trick

Wounding (Master)