The Undead


Vampires are the living undead, meaning that they are in theory still in control of themselves, just no longer alive. More information can by found by following this link: vampires.


Zombies are people or animals that are brought back from the dead by the powers of an animator, Vaundun priest, or a necromancer. While at first they appear, more or less, as they did in life, and may even possess some of their memories, they quickly start to rot and forget who and what they were. This degeneration can be slowed by the consumption of meat - animal or human.

Zombies are not supernaturally strong, but they are able to push their bodies to their full limits without the body's natural limits from impeding them. They feel no pain, and it generally takes a great deal of damage to incapacitate them. The body must be practially destroyed in order to stop them.

Zombies, unlike vampires, are not harmed by the sun, but the light of the day is something that seems to cause a sense of fear in them, and most will find a dark place to hide during the day.

When a zombie is raised, they are under the complete control of the person who animated them. There are a couple exceptions to that. Animators who have been raised as zombies seem to have a great deal of control over themselves, with the exception that they possess a great hunger for human flesh. Such zombies are faster than a normal zombie. Also, occassionally a murder victim who was recently killed will rampage and seek out the person who murdered them.


No one really knows what creates a ghoul. Some believe that those with the gift for animation come back from the dead as these animalistic monsters or that cemetaries that have been the site of foul and unholy magics can cause such creatures to rise from their graves. Ghouls are not quite mindless undead, as they have a cunning as deadly as any animal predator. They live and hunt in packs, often haunting cemeteries that are no longer hallowed grounds, due to age or unholy rites. Ghouls live underground or in crypts and come out once the sun has set. They crave the flesh of the living. Some, incorrectly, feel that the constant consumption of flesh is what allows them to exist. The truth of the matter is that once a person rises as a ghoul, only their destruction will end their existence as a ghoul.


Sometimes, the dead just can't accept that they're dead and refuse to move on. Often when their deaths were the results of great tragedy or murder, the spirits of the dead linger in the world of the living as ghost. Rarely are they able to communicate with the living beyond an appearance, a chill, or a spooky sound. Most of the time, ghosts are only reflections of the person that they once were, a lasting impression tied to a place that held a particular meaning to the person in either life or at the point of death.


Every once in a while, a ghost is filled with so much hatred that it becomes a poltergeist. Poltergeists are ghost who are bent on bringing harm to the living. They hate the living for being alive, when they are not. Your classical haunting stories where the ghost attacks the young couple who just moved into the huge house that was curiously really cheap on the market is an example of a poltergeist, not your everyday ghost. Poltergeists are able to interact with the physical world to a limited extend. They can cause pictures to fall off the wall, vases to go flying across the room, and less commonly, able to physically attack a person directly.