Name: Raiden Aliases: Sparky
Status: Active Rank: Admin
Gender: Male Origin: Canada
Birthdate: March 16th Quote: Fucking help me… and Fuck! Wrote two pages and then closed notepad without saving!
Short Desc: My desc is hawt Pantheon: Japanese
Main Job: Build/Wiki Other Jobs: Coder/Apps/Admin
Likes: Pizza Dislikes: Anchovies
Hobbies: Mushing, wiki-editing, videogames Interests: Photography, photoshop


Name: Loki Aliases: Trouble
Status: Active Rank: Staff
Gender: Male Origin: USA
Birthdate: August 7th Quote: You can't handle the PLOT!
Short Desc: Blond, Blue-eyed God Pantheon: Norse
Main Job: Head Storyteller Other Jobs: Build
Likes: Politeness and Animals Dislikes: Stupid Customers
Hobbies: Mushing, get squished by his dog Interests: History and being accurate

Name: Yeti Aliases: Nom
Status: Active Rank: Staff
Gender: Male Origin: USA
Birthdate: October 2rd Quote: What fucking code?!
Short Desc: Big Fuzzy Creature Pantheon: Himalayan
Main Job: Theme and eating people Other Jobs: Jobs
Likes: Books and sleep. Dislikes: Being awake.
Hobbies: Sleeping Interests: Zzzzzz

Name: Apollo Aliases: Apo
Status: Semi-Active Rank: Staff
Gender: Male Origin: USA
Birthdate: December Quote: OH GOD NO! CODES!
Short Desc: Blond haired god. Pantheon: Greek
Main Job: Assistant Admin and General Help Other Jobs: Code-ish
Likes: Facebook, Reading, and the Supernatural Dislikes: Rude people and people who don't listen.
Hobbies: Homework… homework… and oh yeah, HOMEWORK! Interests: Coding/School/People

Apollo's Notes Page


Name: Ganesha Aliases: Gan
Status: Active Rank: Support
Gender: Male Origin: {$Origin}
Birthdate: {$Birthdate} Quote: {$Quote}
Short Desc: {$ShortDesc} Pantheon: {$Pantheon}
Main Job: {$MainJob} Other Jobs: {$OtherJobs}
Likes: {$Likes} Dislikes: {$Dislikes}
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