Shifters Theme

The Nature of Lycanthropy

There are three ways within the setting that a human might transform into an animal. Two, witches who transform via use of a spell and the victims of direct or family-line curses, are not being opened for characters at this time.

The final, best known, and most prevalent group of animal shapeshifters are the victims of lycanthropy.

What the Humans Know:

The following information is available within the human community, whether as common knowledge or researchable with effort and the proper resources. For clarity it is all accurate, though not necessarily complete. Be aware that, within the setting, there is many more inaccurate or highly biased sources available than accurate ones.

A Preternatural Disease: the scientific view

Preternatural Abilities

Drawbacks of Lycanthropy

Life among the "Lunar Challenged"

All of this is information that is common knowledge, or at least widely known, among the preternatural community, but which everyday humans without an unusually strong bond to it have almost no chance of knowing. By "Unusually Strong" bond, I mean that even a spouse or lover would not know most of this. While anyone is welcome to read this for a better understanding of the setting, please keep in mind what the character you play would actually know.

From Prey to Predator: The newly infected

The Beast Within

A whole new world of problems

Social Life among the Occasionally Furred

The truth about shifter biology

One final note: All of this is intended as background so that people can understand the setting and get a grasp of what drives their character. It is not intended that every shifter must be played exactly this way at every moment. Humans are complicated, and various pieces of psychology mess up the formula. Urges can be suppressed at personal cost, fear or dislike might make them unwilling to curl up with a particular member of their own group. The shifter at the bottom of the hierarchy can decide he’s willing to take a beating to have his voice heard. Self-consciousness only goes so far (Consider the practicalities. At least three nights a month, a shifter is inevitably going to be seen naked by their entire group, and vice versa. Even if they let the shift destroy their clothes and bring extras for the next day, they’re still waking up in a naked pile of bodies because the Beast rules that night), but there are reasons that like any thinking being they don’t act on every urge. But always keep in mind that these urges are part of their make-up, even for a powerful shifter who desperately wants to pretend they are still human.