Black Truck

RP Log

Crystal, Ahikam and Anwar Chase Down a Truck

Date: February 3, 2011

The day has long since wound down, and the Boylston Street in Fenway-Kenmore is nearly empty. The occasional straggler, on their way home from working overtime is visible, but on the whole, it's very quiet. The street here is a little off the main roads. A set of smaller shops lines the roads. It's an area for smaller, Boston owned businesses, away from the major crowds of the main streets. One of these is a small fruit and veg vendor. The carts of oranges and apples have been wheeled in for the night, and the doors are locked. The sweet smell of the fruit, and the leafy denseness of vegetables like spinach and lettuce emenates from the little store. There's a back alley that runs behind the shops, presumably used by the small stores themselves.

Anwar is whistling to himself as he walks down the smaller street, his hands at his sides, weathering the cold, and the snow, with the sort of habitual stoicism of a small mountain.
Crystal was walking with ahi having a snowball fight and laughing "I'm gonna get you!" as she lobbed a snowball in ahi's direction

After the big storm had hit the previous night, there was snow aplenty! Ahikam was hit in the side of the head with the snowball, and did an overly dramatic spinflip into a snowbank with an oomph! giggling but rising a moment later and pelting a chain of five or six snow balls back at Crystal! "Ah ha!"

A black pick up truck, glossy and new, passes by Ahikam and Crystal, before it takes a turn into the backstreet behind the fruit and vegetable marketer. The windows are tinted to a degree that made it difficult to see through. The truck looked out of place amid the bright, white snow - seriously, who's driving in this weather? The strong scent of petrol and oil comes from the truck. Not just the normal sort of car fumes, but the distinct scent of a truck loaded with a large amount of flammables.

Anwar is on the same side of the street as Crystal and Ahikam, and when he gets within about fourty feet, he raises a hand and waves.

Crystal holds up her hands as she laughs and gets pelted with a buncha snowballs before waving to Anwar "Hey An-" stopping short as she caught a whiff of the truck "Trouble, bad" chasing off after the truck, least it couldn't go very fast these conditions on a tiny back alley

Ahikam frowns as he shakes himself off as Crystal takes off, catching the strong whiff of flammables moments later, and frowning, no car smelled like that, maybe a gas station, but nothing driving in this weather! "Hey! wait up! maybe we should call the police!" as he rushed after Crystal, slipping and skidding on the snow in his haste, but keeping his balance.
Crystal and Ahikam, but it's not going to be able to go that fast in the snow. It stops, behind the fruit and vegetable shop, and the doors open. The smell of gasoline is intense. A booted foot is visible, and then someone on the passenger side steps out. "What can I help you with?" the person on the passenger side says to Crystal and Ahikam - and Anwar, when he catches up later. The truck has a hard cover over the bed, preventing anyone from being able to actually see the inside.

Crystal smiles at the man before looking at the truck and jumping oonto the top of the cab "You can leave and not blow anything up, that's what you can do for me"

Ahikam glances back a moment towards Anwar, nodding to him a little as the truck stops, turning to the passanger as he gets out, glancing up at Crystal worriedly, being ontop of a potential bomb wasn't a good thing, his attention quickly back on the passanger, moving around towards the front of the truck, and pulling out his phone, starting to dial, though not sending, just yet.

"That's where you're wrong, girl," The driver gets out of the truck. Likewise, the same sort of brown hair, and similarly featured, the driver looked like he could be the brother of the passenger side. He holds up something - a cell phone. "Let me give you a hint. This cellphone isn't on Verizon," the driver says. "One call from it, and - that - explodes. One wrong move…" He doesn't sound, or smell like he's bluffing. The driver's pulse is as steady as a lizard's. He doesn't smell like firearms, though, just gasoline. Anwar paces back and forth, exactly like a wolf at bay, not really willing to do anything to put someone who had been nice to him's life at risk. He looks at Ahikam, as if suggesting that they thought of a plan, and quick.

Crystal mock pouts at the man "Now that'sss not being very nithe and neighborly..tsk tsk sssomeone didn't watch enough Mr. rogersss ass a kid. How bout you all jussst get back in the truck and we call it a day hmm?" then looks back at Anwar hoping the man would know a way to trap the men in truck

Ahikam frowns a bit, glancing to Crystal, "i'm sure thats what they want, so they can blow up what they want, but you know how often these bombs are duds, they haven't managed to blow anything up in their recent attempts, always faulty, right?" he looks to the driver, his hand flicking up suddenly, quicker than a human eye would be able to react, throwing the cellphone he had at the driver's hand that held the cellphone, with dead on accurate aim, and Ahikam was only a hair's breath behind, moving with the incredibly fast, feral grace of a shifter, hand going immediately to the hand that held the cellphone if it wasn't knocked free, intending on crushing it, and the hand, while his other hand came up for a hard blow to the back of the man's head, intending on trying to knock the man out before he could react, and destroy the phone before it could finish dialing, and he didn't hold back, he held no reservations about killing the man if that would stop him.

The cellphone collides against the man's hand. With the force of a shifter behind it, the cellphone smashes on the driver's hand, the screen flying off in one direction, parts of the chipset in another. He doesn't drop the phone, clinging onto it even with a surprised, and very undignified: "Fuck!" That was just intensified with a yell of pain when Ahikam crushes his fingers around the phone. Just before the phone snaps, Ahikam can see the display light up before being crushed, and hear half of a speed dial go through. At almost exactly the same time that Ahikam charges forward, Anwar jumps, springing forward in a leap. He isn't, though, aiming for the guy that was formerly in the passenger seat. He's trying to knock Crystal off the cab of the truck.

Crystal tries to swing off the cab of the truck trying to knock the passenger back into the vehicle but oofs as she's speared by Anwar "Don't kill him Ssstuffy! We need atleasst one alive." then smiles at the big man "Thanks. Ahi get the passenger!"

Ahikam managed to crush the cellphone in time! phew! that was close! letting the man he had just clocked drop to the ground, and spinning, leaping across the front of the truck to tackle the passanger, or atleast attempt to, not wanting to risk him having another detonator, he intended on taking him down, and incapacitating him as well! He always did poorly against shifters, but against humans he could kick butt!

"In case truck explodes, better not to be close," Anwar says, gruffly, and stands up out of the snow. He looks around, scanning the area for anything else that might be problematic. Like reinforcements. However, nothing is to be found. The passenger is tackled into a drift, before being pinned against the cold ground. "Fucking inhuman…abominations!" He spits out, barely able to talk, his face pressed into the snow. "Good work," Anwar says to Ahikam, sounding, once more, approving. There is only the two, the driver and the passenger. No sound of any other human heartbeats, or footsteps, are near by.

Crystal smiles and nods to Anwar "Yeah you're right" she conceded not that the snowdrift woulda saved any of them had the truck blown. She frowns squatting down by the passenger's face "Inhuman abominations are we? We're still part human, we each have faced death and lived, none of us chose this but few of us woulda go back if we could. We just want to live in peace. You're ingorant, and your judgement is clouded by hate. You're a zealot" punching the man in the face then with the intent to knock him out

Ahikam moved to grab the man's hands, wanting to ensure he didhn't grab for another detonator, and pulling him up as Crystal got closer, making it easier to punch him out, grunting as he let the man fall after it, moving quickly to start rifling the man's pockets to find any cellphones, looking to Crystal and Anwar, "thanks, and thanks for getting Crystal off of there, Crystal, call the police, i'm registered, i can tell them what i smelled… god damned peices of shit! they were going to blow someone up!" he growled.

Crystal smiles and pats both males on the shoulder before kissing Ahi on the lips "Let's get them in the van we can jam the doors shut" taking her cell out she dialled 911 "Yeah, I need police to the backalley behind the fruit and vegetable stores on boylston between Fenway and Kenmore. There's been an attempted bombing"

Anwar was all about the duck and cover. Even if it wasn't extraordinarily helpful. The passenger takes a punch to the face. The concussive force of it knocks him out…and breaks his nose. Anwar nods approvingly to Crystal too. The two humans breathe, totally unconscious, one of them bubbling through his nose. They have only one other cellphone on them. One of those pay-per-usage ones that were a favourite of drug dealers. Anwar says, "I am going to go, I do not think it would go well for me if police were to come. Not as good looking," he says, jokingly.

Ahikam grunts and nods to Anwar, getting up, "fair enough, thanks for joining us on our wild adventures, and welcome to Boston!" he shakes his head to Crystal however, "no, i don't want to TOUCH that truck, leave it for the bomb squad, go watch the other one, and we'll wait for the cops to arrive… now i just hope the stupid assholes didn't do something stupid like leave a small bucket of gas in the back and drove around randomly until some shifter smelled it, and then pretended to have a bomb so they would be assaulted, and could rile hatered against us with that," he frowned.

Crystal chuckles at Anwar "Alright, take care of yourself then. These guys? similar to the ones that killed the rat, same type of people. Thank you for your help" lookin over at the other bomber "He'll be out for a bit" she then moves toward the truck to look in the cab if she can

Anwar nods to Ahikam, in response to the welcome to Boston, and trundles off into the snow. The inside of the cab smells heavily of gasoline, but it seems to be because of a small gap that connects the cab to the bed of the truck. The smell seems to come from there. Some very generic Mormon literature has been stuffed into the glove compartment, but nothing more exceptional than that. There are some really ordinary kind of things - a case of sodas in glass bottles, an unmarked map of Boston.

The sound of police sirens in the distance is audible.

Ahikam watches Anwar head off until he was out of sight, and sighed, moving towards the mouth of the ally to flag down the police when they got close enough, "now i'm gonna need a new damned phone… hell… i liked that one!"

Crystal snickers "Least only you needs a new phone, I just need a new prepaid, thank goodness they're cheap"

The police will first make sure that the contents of the truck aren't an immediate danger, an explosives team carefully investigating the truck some other officers will try to take statements from Ahikam and Crystal. If they stick around, they'll see the contents of the truck bed compartment carefully dismantled - a few molotov cocktails - that was what was smelling so strongly - and some solid bricks of demolition explosives. The explosives have been wired together, cobbled together from pieces of clearly home-made equipment.
Ahikam was more than happy to stick around and provide statements, and do everything he could to make sure those terrorists got thrown in jail and locked up for a good long time, he expected that they'd be charged with attempted terrorism and other things, and he really enjoyed putting the screws to them as best as he could!

Crystal pretends to be a human and stuck around with ahi to give a statement to help lock the terrorists up but she did NOT want to be known as a shifter

Eventually, the scene is recorded for evidence and cleaned up, and the former driver and passenger, now conscious again, and refusing to speak, are taken away in handcuffs.