Staff Ethics

Staff ARE NOT above the law. We expect more from our volunteer staff members than to mix personal emotions and connects with their charged job. This means we expect the following:

  • No harassing the players in any fashion above enacting their job. We don't tolerate it from fellow players, we certainly expect better manners from staff.
  • Be an unbiased party in any dispute being handling with players. If the staff member can be claimed to have any personal relation in the matter, we expect them to be professional and to hand the situation over to either a fellow staff member or to escalate the issue to be solved by a higher powered administrator.
  • What we say is law, if you don't like it you can appeal the decision for a council of staff and admins to review. We're not unreasonable, though most staff actions are to be kept as Word of God unless otherwise overturned by the admins or other informed staff members.
  • Staff are expected to be as helpful as they can be when a player needs assistance. This mean that even though a staff member might not be directly related to the topic being discussed they are at least charged with giving the players directions to get the correct answer. Whether this be a Vampire Head being asked a question of the Shifter community or a general staff asked about a coding question. They at least should be advised enough to direct the questions to a more knowledgeable staff member.
  • If a staff member is busy dealing with an issue or working on something, they should be polite enough to at least attempt to answer a page given to them. We don't ask them to drop everything they are doing, though we do like to ask them to at least page back with something like, "I am sorry, I am in the middle of doing something. I will be with you as soon as I am done." or "I am actually dealing with another urgent matter, could you attempt to page another available admin or ask your fellow players?"

Player Ethics

We are all adults here, so why don't we act like it? Seriously, this is not a child's playground and we are not your teachers or parents. We already require our player base to be of the legal age of 18 to play our game. (It's a mature content game with the potential for adult content and violence.) With his said this is the least of what we ask of you:

  • If you are talking in a public channel, please attempt to keep the language near a PG-13 rating. We don't mind swearing to a point, we're all adult here, though if however someone takes offense to your language. We ask you immediately stop your filthy language and take it to another medium. We don't care if you begin paging the people you are directly talking with. We just ask you be polite and respect others rights of a clean language set on their screen.
  • We have a very strict concept of harassment on our game. This means when someone asks you to stop contacting them through channels, pages, or other personal contact medium that you do it immediately. It's not our intentions to make this a hostile community and we ask you don't make it that way either.
  • Furthermore, from the above standard, if someone objects about any content being presented to them. We ask that you stop the scene and discuss what the problem might be. This means stopping the direct content action and understand what they are objecting to seeing. If they request a Fade-To-Black (FTB) we ask that you respect their wishes.
  • We are quite liberal in our content available to our players. You can do nearly anything you want IC as long as all parties are consenting to the content of the situations. What we are not okay with are scene pertaining to: Rape and Child Molestation. These are not topics we are willing to compromise on even being a horror genre game. We have no need for it and there is PLENTY of other subjects for role-play.

Player Character Rules

3 Alts maximum.

  1. No more than 3 completely non powered humans.
  2. No more than 1 psychic, minor magic user or animator alt.
  3. No more than 2 shifters alts from two separate strains.
  4. No more than 1 vampire.
  5. No more than 1 fae blooded.

Choose any three and no alt combination can break any of these 5 rules.

One of your alts might be Alpha Shifter/Master Vampire/Necromancer/Full Blood Fae/Off the rails Magi. These are special concepts and one must put in request and discuss with staff before the application process will be approved. At that point, you better have one heck of an app as the special concept apps REQUIRES unanimous approval.


The theme to this game is based on the Anita Blake Novels and is a pursuit to allow other to participate in a shared experience of the universe there in described. This means that all content of the game is expected to follow the general premise of the books. Whether this be the players playing a Lycanthrope infected with the Wereleopard strain of the disease, a vampire of the KISS, a vampire committed to the the Church of Eternal Life (CoEL), or just your typical animator of a branch of Animators Inc. We expect the players to keep within the context of the theme set.

This is a horror and thriller based roleplaying game and thus is not to be surprising to members to involve scandals ranging from murder, thievery, espionage, and general uses of that thing called "drama". Though some might want to stay away from theatrics, we do ask our players to be respectful of others and their wishes to play their character within their our interruption of the genre.


It's modern time in the city of Boston. The city is, as usual, quite busy with the antics of human existence. Town politics are quite normal for this mecca of a city. The mayor is attempting to establish the town with it's typical assortment of laws, sanctions, and other needed things.

Though around each corner lies a culture once hidden, the vampires have been public for some time now. Though their legislation has not passed to give them all the right of the normal folk. There still isn't equal rights with inheriting land 'after death'. Though owning things after death is certainly possible with a little assistance of loop-hole lawyers associated with KISS or the local Church of Eternal Life.

Yet even further into the darkness of the city lies the undiscovered preternatural beings of the night. There is a world of Shapeshifters that has yet to be extremely public. The normal human population knows there are such things as Shifters, though to actually detect one is far beyond any typical human senses. If they keep hidden their identities of course. Human First might not be prone to allowing publicly known Shifters from living peacefully in the city. It is illegal for publicly known Shifters from being barred from applying for any jobs and being turned away for merely being infected with the affliction, though some of the community has been known to come up with "other reason" to divert some applicants from continuing toward their employment or continuing employment after infection.

There also is an arrangement of equally power humans hidden among their more mundane brethren. Those with supernatural powers far beyond their normal capacity. Whether these being are Animators, Witches, or Voodoo Practitioner not much is known. Though there are those who would use their abilities both to further mankind and also those who would use it for their own personal advantage. Not everyone hold that thing most mothers talk about called 'Ethics'.

There even has been some whispers of the underground to the paranormal that suggest the existence of Fairies is true. There even those that would talk about less powerful entities called Fae that inhabit our lands as well. Are they just fake or are there actually those beings capable of extraordinary feats of mystical arts?!

So our story unfolded, are you one of the choice few capable of magic? Are you a shifter of the night that is capable of shifting into that of a Rat? Or maybe you were inflicted with one of the others strains, a Lukoi capable shifting into as wolf or a Wereleopard capable of transforming into your feline form? Or you might just be one the the many mundane humans not yet cultured in that society of the preternatural topics. Whoever you are, Welcome to the city of Boston. Please stay awhile and be care not to get yourself killed. We're not all fluffy bunnies and rainbows out here!

Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

There is nothing we like about going through this procedure. We at Moonlit Tavern feel that transparency with how Warnings, Strikes and Bans are delievered is the only fair way to proceed. We also believe that everyone should have their defence. If someone complains against you, a staffer will be the go between until the issue is resolved and either you shape up or the confusion is resolved. Yes, people have bad days but one complaint will not nessecarily be a warning or strike. You get a chance to defend yourself. We feel this method gives each person equal rights. So guess what? No one can be given any disciplinary action without first having their say and then having it explained why the action is continuing.

The following list are examples of offenses that we will issue warnings, strikes and bans. This list is not inclusive and/or complete.

  1. Purposefully Causing OOC Drama - We believe IC drama drives plot but our game is no place to bring your OOC drama. All the staffer's have seen good games be pulled apart by OOC drama and here at Moonlit Tavern, if you create OOC drama for fun or really for any reason that is grounds for a Warning. This can take many forms too. This is a game about the Anita Blake 'Verse not about your personal soap opera.
  2. OOC Rumor Mongering. ex. ZOMG! Did you hear player so-and-so is in with staff and they are totally to be avoided cause they are winkies!. (Not saying that's what will be said but that is what someone may hear.) If however, you are purposefully rumor mongoring and causing havok on the game that is grounds for a Strike or upto and including a Ban.
  3. Playing Staffers Against Each Other. This is the Momma Dadda issue. It will not be tolerated. If one staffer says no. Do not go to the next staffer and ask the same thing hoping for a different answer. Same goes for if a staffer makes a call that you requested they make, do not go around to other staffers saying how So-and-so was SO mean and isn't making that call you wanted. Guess what? This staff is close. We stand by each other. We talk frequently. This behavior will be taken as a malicious act and will be dealt with swiftly.
  4. PKing without a +judge. Yes, we require a judge to be present during all PK's. This is to prevent any errors on anyones part. If a judge is not available you will be scene locked until they are. This does include random PK's. Kill anyone… you get a judge. No exception.
  5. Harrassing and being a jackass. That's right, if you are being a right jackass that is a warning only! However, if you continually are a jackass, which includes Snapping at people on Chan, calling people names they don't appreciate, making people uncomfortable and being a bully, all those if they continually happen will prove to staff that there is an inability to work with other people and we will issue strikes. Harrassing behavior is an auto strike as long as the offending party has the logs. Yes, we will discuss it with you but if it happens then it's a strike. Keep in mind this includes going around a page block or a no contact order.
  6. Lying/Cheating. Yes, we can see your sheets. If you lie to an ST about something that is game impacting so not your favorite color but where someone is ICly located, that is a warning. If you are in a scene with someone and you cheat your dice to have a more favorable outcome, strike. Keep in mind this is the hardest to keep on top of. We request you are honest in all things.

List list is not inclusive.

RAIDEN's MESSAGE: This is not a game you WIN. This is a co-operative story you create with others.