Write up to come soon.

- CG only

Acute Sense (3 or 5 points)

Acute Sense means that your character is harder to ambush then other characters. At the 3 point version, you get a +1 to your perception rolls and at 5 points, you get a +3 PLUS a bonus +2 points to your Initiative rolls.

Allies (1 - 5 points) [R]

Allies are people you can call to come help you out! The R means that you have to let us know who is your ally. Each point of allies offers you an NPC to call and assist. So their sheets are basic and will be coming soon.

Ambidextrous (3 points)

This is CG only. Your PC has the ability to use both hands without issues. So if you need to roll for something that needs two hands you are not penalized -2 for that action.

Contacts (1 - 5 points) [R]

These are people you can contact for information. The R means that you have to let us know who is your ally.

Direction Sense (1 points)

Dodge (2 points)[R]

E.O.D (2 points)

Eidetic Memory (4 points)

Encyclopedic Knowledge (3 points) [R]

Extensive Training (4 points)[R]

Faith (5 points)[R]

Fame (1 - 5 points)

Fast Reaction Time (2 or 4 points)

Fighting Finesse (4 points)[R]

Fighting Style (5 points)[R]

Giant (5 points)

Good Luck (5 points)

Gunslinger (4 points)

Iron Mind (3 points)

Language (1 points)[R] [L]

Library (1-3 points) [R]

Meditative Mind (2 points)

Mentor (1 - 5 points)

Mystic Sense (2 or 5 points)

Natural Immunity (3 points)

Nerves Of Steel (2 points)

Photographic Memory (3 points)

Polyglot (5 points)

Quick Healer (4 points)

Resistance (3 points)[R]

Resources (1 - 5 points)

Retainer (1 - 5 points)[R]

Situational Awareness(3 points)

Status (1 - 5 points) [R]

Striking Looks (2 or 4 points)

Technophile (2 or 4 points)

Tough (3 points)

Toxin Resistance (2 points)

Unseen Sense (3 points)

Fighting Style/WildCard (5 dots only)

+3 on your chosen fighting style. You MUST have a 3 or more in a relevant physical skill.