WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Kim portrayed by
Ashley Kahsaklahwee
Name: Kim Runningtall Aliases: Kim
Status: Active Race: Shapeshifter, Leopard
Gender: Female Origin: Native American
Birthdate: ??? Age: ???
Height: ??? Build: ???
Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown
Short Desc: This tall exotic woman, a bit over five foot ten tall with her thick wavy locks of sable hair
Parents: ??? Siblings: ???
Spouse: ??? Children: ???


This tall exotic woman, a bit over five foot ten tall with her thick wavy locks of sable hair, thick and sleek that crown her head and trail down, down to her knees. Flowing, a wild and silky mantel surrounding her. When hit by sunlight the long silky ink black mane shimmers. She wears it proudly, like a cloak of a royal. In her vaguely pointed ears are a myriad of golden earrings. Her teeth are perfect; straight and white giving her a beaming smile, playful and friendly befitting her features. Tough there's something strikingly feral about it. She wears no makeup, at least not much, just a simple gloss and enough mascara and liner to accent her almond shaped, large slanted and mesmerizing eyes; one the color of chipped emeralds and the other cornflower blue ringed in midnight. Shadowed deeply by the lining of her thick blanket of dark curling lashes.

Flowing velvet, her tawny complexion is warmed to a pleasing color almost giving her an aura. Her elegant neck bears a silver chain with an ankh on it, the svelte curve drawing the eye downwards towards the assets of her nature. Collarbones perfectly frame the hollow of her throat, quickened and moving with each breath. Her shoulders are round, sloped beautifully yet broad at the same time, well muscled. All of her form is. Her arms are long, moving around her with fluid grace; accenting the lithe curves. Her legs are long, unmarred and hairless; muscled like an acrobats with just enough hint of feminine softness.

Today she's wearing more normal fare a red t-shirt hugs her upper body The shirt has a anime cat girl on the front and Hello kitty in glitter letters across her chest. The material of the shit hugs tightly showing off the generous swell of her breasts it seems to be pulled down tucked into her jeans though the tightness of the shirt shows off the light trace of her abs muscles as she moves about.

The Jeans she wears are a simple slim cut jeans that huge her athletic frame displaying her long legs though it might be a little too tight as the outline of a coin is seen in her back pocket showing that the jeans are very very snug on her coke bottle frame. She has on a leather belt and a bronze belt buckle over that. On her feet seem to be a pair of converse sneakers also red like her top.

Overall the package is stirring. To men and women, for this beauty is not modern, no, this beauty is a far older sort. The kind best viewed in firelight. With drums all around and the calls of animals and hunters. Deep and primal, wild and heart pounding. She would look just as good welding a char pointed spear and dancing around a bonfire like a madwoman and making love in the trees, as much as she is here. In the city; a dangerous beauty. one almost everyone can appreciate and fear because of visceral memory.