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Julian portrayed by
Blake McGrath
Name: Julian Augusta Griffin Aliases: Julian
Status: Active Race: Shapeshifter, Leopard
Gender: Male Origin: Irish
Birthdate: 12/14/1984 Age: 25
Height: 5'11" Build: Average
Eyes: Green Hair: Black
Short Desc: Well dressed, pretty boy in mid-twenties
Parents: Yes, both alive. Siblings: Unknown
Spouse: None Children: None

Current Standings

Group Position Notes
Pard (Wereleopards) Omega Gabriel sentenced him to Omega status on August the 6th of 2011 until further notice. Unless notified otherwise Julian has no right to challenge, rank, or say within the Pard upon Gabriel's orders. If Julian is seen forcing himself around the Pard at anytime it is upon Gabriel's order that Julian be treated any any Omega.
City of Boston Rumored Mafia Leader Julian has been known in the underground to be rumored as some kind of Mafia leader. He has been rumored to have connections around the city seeming to be able to offer moderate protection to those willing to pay.
Shifter Community Known Protector and Politician Julian has been known in the shifter communities as being one of the known city protectors seeming to be quite affluent in assisting registered and unregistered shifters within the city limits.

Current Events

Pard News

Saturday, August 6th

It shall be known that Gabriel the rightful Nimir-Raj has demoted Julian entirely from Second of the Pard to pure Omega status. In doing this Gabriel has stripped all title and rights of rank away from the Alpha. Forcing him back to the Pard's beginning positions to learn his place within the community once more!

Julian, after a battle in the evening with Gabriel, has submitted fully and has accepted a curfew of 3am and will be staying at the end of Gabriel's bed from this date forth until the Nimir decides otherwise.

Common Hang-Outs

Name Location Type Reason Jump To
Revolution Fitness Washington St., South End Gym Julian frequents this place for exercise and general health related things. @tel #1088
Boston Common Back Bay Park Julian frequently takes walks through The Boston Common. @tel #790
Jade Dragon Kneeland Street, Chinatown Dine-In Restaurant Julian loves Chinese food almost as much as he likes kitty-piles! @tel #884
Common Ground Cafe Dorchester Street, Dorchester Restaurant Julian grabs coffee a lot at this cafe. @tel #781
Moonlit Tavern Old Colony Avenue, South Boston Bar Julian has meetings with some important diplomats here. @tel #1262
Slaughtered Lamb West Broadway, South Boston Bar Julian can typically be seen talking to the help and socializing with the regulars on some occasions. Though he always seems a bit busy whenever he enters the place. @tel #6
Blue Hills State Park Outside of town Forested Park This is the closest to 'woods' and 'hunting ground' near Boston you're going to get. Therefore this has to be the place Julian goes to blow off some leopard steam and to feed himself during the full moon. @tel #1140

Relations and Things


Name Nickname Position Current Thoughts and Feelings
Gabriel The-Wise-One Nimir-Raj He's got to be the most wise man I've met since shifting… though why he's so withdrawn and hard to get to know is beyond me!
Kim Gorgeous UNKNOWN She's quite compelling, oddly so… she seems to attract my attention and make me tingle when I see her.


Name Nickname Position Current Thoughts and Feelings
Ahikam Pip-Squeak Low-Beta Tiny bloke that seems quite prone to arguing. How I am going to train this one to be a proper man… I have -no idea-!
Auranna Aura ??? MIA, though she seems kind of shy. So that might be the issue.
Crystal Crys Middle-Beta She seems to be improving, though she really does need to learn her place and also relax a bit. It's not like I am going to tear her throat out… yet.
Jason Jas Middle-Beta He's got to be one of the best Beta's I've encountered in these days. He's frail and a bit hard to pin-point exactly where he'll fit. Though he might be a great resource… I just have that gut feeling about that.

Candid Cam!


Blake McGrath - Relax -- Dedicated to Gabriel
Blake McGrath - The Night -- Dedicated to his Pard