WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Gabriel portrayed by
Ashtyn Long
Name: Gabriel T. Rainmayr Aliases: Gabe
Status: Active Race: Shifter, Leopard
Gender: Male Origin: Australian
Birthdate: August 23rd 1987 Age: 23
Height: 6'2" Build: Lightly Muscled
Eyes: Right Green, Left Blue Hair: Dirty Blond
Short Desc: 6'2" blond man with blue and green eyes
Parents: Yes Siblings: Yes
Spouse: Soon Children: None


Before you is a man standing 6 feet high. On his head is wavy sun bleached hair. The hair looks messy but clean. It also looks soft and silky. His eyes are multicolored. One is greyish blue and the other is greyish green. His eyes are slanted towards his medium sized nose. His cheekbones are high and eyebrows sharp. His lips full and slightly darker then his skin. His jaw is well defined and his skin is smooth and pale and slightly freckled. His neck is thin, muscled and long. His teeth are white and perfectly straight.

He has broad, thin shoulders, which are slightly freckled. His shoulders run to his muscled arms. Little veins show over his long arms. Blonde hair covers his forearms and his biceps are tight with lithe muscles. His wrists are thin and bony. Wrapped around them there are two inch wide plain leather bracelets, one on each wrist. He has large but thin hands. Like a piano player. His hands are soft but muscled. His nails are trimmed, short and well manicured. His legs are also thin with an underlying tone of muscle. He is obviously fit.


  • Ahikam - Squeaks - Tiny and filled with much squeak.
  • Crystal - Snugs - She needs to relax and stop panicking.
  • Jason - Sprite - You are mine, if you still accept me.
  • Julian - Second - You have much to learn.