What are flaws? They are things that directly affect your character in one way or another. Thinks that make your character as much as Attributes and Skills. This is the explanation of each one of these flaws. Keep in mind, these are debilitating! They aren't just things you pick up for more XP. Each flaw gives you the amount of XP it costs to buy it out.

NOTE: Please be honest and actually RP these flaws. Should staff notice a lack of flaws being RP'd out by players as a whole we will remove the flaws bonus XP and flaws in general.
NOTE 2: If staff notice you are not RPing out your flaws, that can even be in one scene, then we will remove the flaw and associated XP rewards which may put your XP into the negative.


Addiction is a hard thing to break. Socially, people could look down on you. Mentally it's taxing to have an addiction. Physically addictions can cause complications. This can be as stupid as needing M&M's or as serious as Cocaine or Heroin. Each Addiction you choose means if someone brings that thing into a scene you -must- roll a Force of Will at a -1 to -5, dependent on the severity of your addiction, and pass to not partake in your Addiction.

When you go through CG and choose this Flaw, you must explain what your addiction is and how strong said addiction is in your CG Job.

To buy out this flaw is 5xp - 30xp depending on the severity. You can also buy the severity down a level. High Addiction to Median addiction is 15xp. Median addiction to Minimal addiction is 10xp. Minimal addiction to no addiction is 5xp.


This flaw is a social flaw. To be aloof is a lack of interest socially or in feeling. So someone who takes this flaw is penalized for each interactive social roll by a -2. This person is not the social butterfly. This person won't have the most friends. Each roll socially will be more difficult. When people like this ask to raise a social stat that isn't Animal Ken, Intimidation or Subterfuge, that spend will be looked at very closely.

To buy out this flaw is 10xp.


Amnesia is the lack of memory of a single significant moment in time which should affect your character or ones entire history. This affects the mental aspects of a PC. Someone with Amnesia should not start the game with memory over 1 unless they only lack the memory of a moment in time but have a sharp memory of the rest of their history. This must be explained in ones background.

To buy out this flaw is 10xp plus raising ones memory above 2.

Bad Luck

We all can have bad luck sometimes. These people get the short end of the stick -every- time. This means that each non extended, instant action roll you -ever- make will have a -3. The only way to negate the -3 is using a willpower. So instead of the willpower enhancing your rolls, you use willpower to not trip over that rock.

Example: Fighting, First Aid and Intimidation are affected. Things like research and expression: poems would not be affected. Anything that is physical is most likely affected. Any roll made to resist the action of another player or the environment or themselves is not affected. Any roll made reflexively does not have to take the penalty.

To buy out this flaw is 25xp and a damn good explanation that does not involve leprechauns, shot glasses or special snowflakes. Don't ask.

Beast Feature

This flaw is really a pain. Basically some part of you is very beastly in appearance. No I don't mean you have tails and kitty ears. I mean your nose is upturned like a pigs. Your ass is blue like a baboons. If you choose to take an actual beast feature like the eyes of a cat (oddly common) then you will -see- as a cat does, which is: cats by nature are nocturnal due to this fact there pupils remain dilated and it make depth perception, along with the extra light that your eyes let in making seeing details at a distance difficult to see. The lens of the cat eye is also quite large, thus, helping them see far away but impeding their vision up close. So guess what… that's a lot of negatives. Sure it looks cool and you can see at night but guess what? It's not that cool. That is just one example. Do your research before you choose this flaw, please. If your character suffers from Lycanthropy, this flaw is the result of an extended time spent in animal form. If your character does not suffer from Lycanthropy then there should be a very good reason in your background why you have this flaw.

Note: You will take penalties with social rolls with regular humans. All dependent on your human RP partner. You will also take penalties if the beast feature affects physical aspects, eg. Eyes, ears, feet, hands, nose, mouth…you get the damn picture. This will be discussed with staff at your application time.

This flaw cannot be bought out. This flaw must be in your description. You only get 5xp for this flaw.

Behavior Blind

This is a social flaw. People who are behavior blind do not notice the little nuances. People who choose this flaw should not have any dice in Empathy or Subterfuge. Should you some how gain dice in those you must make a roll with those included at a -2.

This flaw can be bought out with 10xp.


Coward is roughly defined as a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition or pain. This means you take a -2 on all rolls in facing danger, difficulty, opposition or pain. If your character is presented with an opportunity to avoid facing danger, difficulty, opposition or pain you must make a Force of Will roll with a -2 penalty to actually face the issue, situation or person.

This flaw can be bought out with 10xp.


This is a physical flaw. The deformity must be visible in action or description for other players. Six toes on your left foot is not enough of a deformity to actually gain the XP bonus. This must be explained in your background how you got the deformity. How you live with the deformity and how you are affected by the deformity. This cannot be stacked with another flaw such as dwarf or physical disability. Deformity can be the result of birth defect, disease or injury. You get a -1 to social rolls and/or physical rolls based on the deformity.


You are under 3'5". It's a difficult life for a little person in a regular person world. Anything involving height will be penalized, all dependent on the situation.

This flaw cannot be bought out.

Embarrassing Secret

This flaw is so open for creativity. An embarrassing secret can be anything really that the character feels is embarrassing. They will do almost anything to keep this a secret. Each roll to reveal this secret is at a -2. If their secret has a possibility to be exposed at all one must make Force of Will at a negative -2 penalty to avoid Social paranoia for that scene. AKA. -2 to all social rolls if you fail the roll

The only way this can be bought out is if enough people find out about it or if the circumstance of the secret no longer applies. Then you will be docked 10xp.

Emotional Problems

If you take this flaw then you must make sure you have research the emotional problem you are choosing. Each emotional problem will be discussed with each player. These affects your emotions only. Things like Paranoid will take social negatives. Emotional Problems like OCD will take intelligence negatives and social negatives.

You can buy this flaw off with anywhere from 5xp to 30xp and proof you got help.


Brain farts are common. This is the lesser of amnesia. This could be as simple as forgetting what people ask you to do, to as large as forgetting to eat consistently. For any memory rolls you take a -1 to -5 dependent on what you are remembering and what you have issues remembering! Please note certain character types cannot forget to eat.

This takes a raise in memory and 10xp to buy out.

Mental Problems

If you take this flaw then you must make sure you have research the mental problem you are choosing. Each mental problem will be discussed with each player. These affect your mental states only. These are things that stems from the mind and the chemical within the mind.

You can buy this flaw off with anywhere from 5xp to 30xp and proof you got help.


Also known at ill fame. Guess what? You are known. This is different then fame. This is being known for something that is bad. By bad I mean you did something stupid and people found out. You remember hearing about those stupid criminals who signed up for a bank account before robbing the bank… yeah you're that dumb.

The world is viral. You can't buy this out. Your stupid deed will stay with you! Hahah.



Pick a phobia, the more debilitating the phobia, the more it can affect your life the higher the xp gain. Each roll relating to dealing with your phobia rolled with a -3 modifier.

Our Made Up Ones!
We will accept Lycanthrophobia for Fear of shifters.
Sanguivoriphobia - Fear of Vampires
Magiageniphobia - Fear of Fae
Sapphirophobia - Fear of Magic
Preteraphobia - Fear of Preters in general

NOTE: Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia - fear of long words. V_V I think they missed the point…

To buy out this phobia one must +request a scene with staff about facing your fear and you must pass 80% of all Force of Will rolls. This costs from 5xp to 15xp to buy out.

Physical Disability

You are disabled in a physical sense and that will affect all your physical actions to a point. Depending on the severity and type of the disability you will gain a -2 in a attribute and skill but that -2 does not stack. Example: You are on crutches for two bow legs. You have a -2 to brawl and -2 to dexterity. However, your strength is +1 and your athletics is +1. Along with dice penalties this may affect your speed and/or social rolls. These dynamics will be talked over with each person that chooses this flaw.

NOTE: Should you take this flaw you will be seen as prey to the beasts of preternaturals. Any predator will want to eat the weakest or slowest because, well, they are easy to catch.


Your a bastard. You hate all races but your own… even your own if it's that bad. Hi Hitler. :<

Racism SUCKS. Therefore you make -2 on your social rolls with other races. Guess what?

* White: 56.3% (Non-Hispanic Whites: 50.6%)
* Black or African American: 23.5%
* Native American: 0.4%
* Asian: 8.2%
* Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander: 0.1%
* Some other race: 8.5%
* Two or more races: 3.1%
* Hispanic or Latino (of any race): 16.1%

People of Irish descent form the largest single ethnic group in the city, making up 15.8% of the population, followed by Italians, accounting for 8.3% of the population. People of West Indian ancestry are another sizable group, at 6.4%, about half of whom are of Haitian ancestry. Some neighborhoods, such as Dorchester, have received an influx of people of Vietnamese ancestry in recent decades. Neighborhoods such as Jamaica Plain and Roslindale have experienced a growing number of Dominican Americans.

The city also has a sizable Jewish population with an estimated 21,000 Jews within the city and 22 synagogues. The adjacent communities of Brookline and Newton are both approximately one third Jewish.

So either way, you gunna hate at least 50% of the people you meet. Possibly a lot more.

PS: You can be racist against Preternaturals. That makes you a Human First member. This is the more acceptable version of the Racism flaw.

NOTE: We at Moonlit Tavern will NEVER accept OOC racism on any level. This is a sensitive one and we request that if you take this flaw you will refrain from using racial slurs in RP. There are other ways to show racism then using slurs. If staff read -any- racial slur we will tank your ass and boot you without question. PS. Do not do it.

You can buy out racism for 10xp plus proof your PC is no longer racist and I don't mean you picked up a midget stripper on the street corner once…. it must be substantial.

Recurring Nightmares

You have the same nightmares night after night and it makes it harder to concentrate. Any time your character would gain willpower for a nights rest, you must roll a force of will, if you fail you do not gain that willpower back.

You can buy this out with 10xp plus PrP for the resolve of the nightmare.


Sexist is when you dislike a gender. This is not using an insensitive comment every now and again. This is full on misogyny or misandry. This can be against the opposite sex, your own sex or the special genders. They might conform to outdated or culturally inappropriate standards of behavior or dress. They see their preferred sex as naturally superior in every way. Your character has severe difficulties dealing with the disliked gender, or treating them as an equal. This induces a -3 to all social rolls with the non-preferred gender.

You can buy this out with 10xp.

Speech Impediment

There are many different versions of speech impediments, from a lisp to an all out inability to express anything properly. If you character has this it will affect them socially. A speech impediment can be bought out at lots of work in character. Having sessions with a speech therapist and most likely surgery to correct the error.

You can buy this out with RP and 5xp.

Uncontrollable Power

This flaw is one of the hardest flaws to explain. Simply put, your PC has such an awesome power that they are hinging on the very brink of destruction. Their power is on the edge of insanity. For example, a master vampire with the ability to call an animal but doesn't know how to make that function properly so he continually calls that animal. A fae who controls water and he's causing flooding where ever he goes…

This can only be bought out with 10xp and lots of RP about controlling their power.


Your character is weak in a very obvious way. Either they are physically weak, mentally weak or socially weak. They are easily manipulated and/or easily hurt. They are vulnerable. Think of a soft squishy peach in with a barrel of rocks. That is how vulnerable they are.

You can buy this out by spending the xp to increase your stats where you are weak and 5xp.