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Crystal portrayed by
Name: Crystal Deschain Aliases: Crystal
Status: Active Race: Shapeshifter, Leopard (Snow)
Gender: Female Origin: American
Birthdate: January 25, 1987 Age: 23
Height: 5'0" Build: Skinny
Eyes: Pink Hair: White
Short Desc: Petite, Artsy Albino
Parents: Mary and David Deschain Siblings: 3:
Mike, Jen, and Matt
Spouse: Sorta Children: Not yet?


Standing at only 5' this lil college girl is a rather petite sight to see. Unusually pale you'd swear she regularly went to a salon to get her hair that snowy white. She wears her snowy white hair in froofy pig tails subtly streaked with light blue to give it a wintery icey look but it's tipped in hot pink as is the fringe of her thick hangs that hang into her eyes. Her White eyebrows like frost winds swept above her eyes. Warm pink eyes with red irises are held like burning caves in the midst of her thick white eyelashes like snowdrifts. A cute straight button nose holds up a pair of thick rimmed chic glasses. Her smooth alabaster cheeks with a hint of rosy color flow smoothly down into a delicate little chin that cradles a pouty bow shaped mouth of soft shiny pink.

Creamy skin almost ghostly white covers her hourglass figure. Lythe toned arms flow down into soft delicate hands. Smooth, firm, full, large B cup breasts sweel before her ribs narrow into a tiny wasp like waist, her hips flaring out into a pert heart shaped ass. Long slender legs tapper down into tiny delicate feet.

On her head she wears a brown leather newsie, while her chest is covered by a pale pink almost white dress shirt, and a black over coat with no collar, just an inch tall standing up in a straight smooth line down from around the neck into the button just below her bossom. Curve hugging jeans act like a second skin to her before disappearing into calf high elegant trendy high heel boots. An artist's pencil held behind one ear and a plain covered sketchbook under an arm. A couple paint smudges staining her face here and there.

Relations and Thoughts


Name Nickname Position Current Thoughts and Feelings
Gabriel Panthro Enforcer I trust him. He's been thru a lot. Wish he'd get close but I understand his reasons. He's still hard to figure out sometimes though and has a short temper.
Julian Liono Nimir-Raj Tempermental, why is it alphas always are? Haven't figured him out but he's good for cuddles.


Name Nickname Position Current Thoughts and Feelings
Auranna Aura ??? Usually stays in her apartment. She's taken longer to adjust then the rest of us transplants. Wish my Sister would settle in and be more social.
Ahikam Stuffy Middle-Beta His heart is in the right place when trouble comes but he's got alot of healing to do from his past. He's sometimes too trusting, but that's why he's got me to keep him safe. He is my mate and love, my support. I would stand by him in the face of anything.
Jason ??? Middle-Beta Still need to get to know him. He's been thru hell and had a crummy childhood, yet he refuses to say anything that might put his family in a bad light. He's a smart one and quite strong in some ways. Heck of a mind for board games