If you would like to create a character page for your Moonlit Tavern character, you should follow these simple six steps.

  • Join the site. You can do this via the top bar or by clicking here — It would probably be a good idea to @mail staff in-game to let her know you've applied, if you didn't use the auto-join feature.
  • Once you have an account and are a part of the site, hit the 'new page' button down at the bottom. Please use the character name you use to log-on to Moonlit Tavern Mux with. EG: If your character is Bob Roberts but you log on with the name 'Bob', you'll want to enter 'Bob' in the space provided.
    • NOTE: You'll probably want to keep reading before you actually make the new page, since there's some details you'll want to read.
  • Give the site a few moments to process the new page. It'll first go to a page that tells you "that page doesn't exist", but it'll then create the new page on its own a moment later. If everything went correctly, there shall be a template. Fill out the spaces
    • NOTE: If there's a part of the template that doesn't apply, enter n/a or some other "nope" thing for that field -- if you leave a blank space, it just ends up looking weird.
  • For a character picture, scroll down to the bottom of the new page you just made and upload the image you want to use TO THAT NEW PAGE. Just toss the picture-link in where the '' URL was, so it'll end up as something like 'Bob2.jpg' (you don't need to include the http nor www stuff if you uploaded the file to the right page).
  • Please set any appropriate tags (PS: try to recycle tags, so there aren't odd superfluous ones, like if there were werewolf, human +, human, vampire, npc, etc.. all at once for the same thing). If you just set the race tag, you can click on that and you'll see the Tag Cloud (as seen below) to make sure you didn't just accidentally set yourself up as the only 'werethingy' or something.

Start Your Character Page!

Enter the name in the space provided below, then hit 'Enter'

(please give it a moment to process your request and re-direct you)