Steps to Creating a Character

The following are a series of generic steps that you will follow in general.

  • Choose Background. The only way to truely know a character is to write some sort of character background, which gives a rough view of the character's motivations, personality, and recent history. While many players will prefer to write a lengthy background story (which is encouraged), a short one to two paragraph write-up will be sufficient for basic characters.
  • Select Attributes. The character's innate capabilities among three categories: mental, physical, social.
  • Select Skills. The character's learned ability or knowledge.
  • Select Skill Specialties - These are basic specialties that are your specialty in any given area. Eg. Firearms: Pistols, Crafts: Macaroni Art, Persuasion: Seduction.
  • Select Abilities - This is really for Human + and any preter.
  • Select Merits. - These give bonuses to rolls.
  • Select Flaws - These give negatives to rolls.