Attributes is a character trait that represents a character's natural abilities to perform task. These traits are categorized into three groups: Mental, Physical and Social.

The following attribute classifications are futher divided into three subcategorizes: Power, Finesse, and Resistance. Power attributes are how the character is able to effect his surroundings. Finesse is the characters ability to influence his surroundings. Resistance is the character's reaction to his surroundings.

For the most part, attributes are on a 1 to 5 scale. Some preternatural creatures may have attributes that extend beyond this as a reflection of their non-human existence. Even then, this exception falls only in specific cases.

A 1 in an attribute represents below average.
A 2 in an attribute represents average.
A 3 in an attribute represents above average.
A 4 in an attribute represents truly exceptional.
A 5 in an attribute represents the peak of human potential.
Anything beyond represents an inhuman potential.


Mental Attributes show how insightful, clever and determined a character acts.

Logic (Power)
Logic includes the characters ability to process, understand, and remember information.

Creativity (Finesse)

Force of Will (Resistance)
Force of Will is the mental focus, determination and stamina. It is the mental stamina that keeps you on target and allows you to see clearly through all the distractions around you.