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1 Fail
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Pard Rules and Rulings

All Pard Rules

From the leader of the Pard current, Snow Leopard along with Clouded Leopards will be fully accepted into the Pard as would be deemed acceptable by the rest.

As one of the admins, in Game Mechanics the Snow Leopards and Clouded Leopards will be allowed to be their own entity when and if the player-base exceeds a reasonable amount in the were-leopard population, deemed both by myself and Anubis, and the player-base of the sub-group decides to succeed from the Pard.

Channel Munin

While reading Chapter 38 of Burnt Offerings, it was mentioned an example of how Channel Munin works. It has been explained within context that the pack would have access to their own group munin by way of raising power and whilst doing so channeling memories and power from the 'absorbed members'. Being that we want to be closely related to this aspect of the canon it should be understood by who ever takes this ability that summoning munin, unless otherwise proven later in the canon, shall be an internal and energy based summoning. Rather than external ghost summoning.

Potential Names for the Boston Pard

Inner Pard Names?

  • Shock and Paw — Donated by: Crystal
  • Alley Cat Strut — Donated by: Crystal
  • Alley Cats — Donated by: Crystal
  • Wild Cats — Donated by: Crystal

Gang Names?

  • Boston Posse — Donated by: Julian
  • Family of Saints — Donated by: Julian
  • The Saints — Donated by: Julian
  • The Poison Leopards — Donated by: Julian
  • Cait Sith Clan — Donated by: Jason — Most likely selection…

Pard NPCs

Name Role / Occupation Access to Play Manners and Behavior
Leo Head of Medical Care and Foci Julian (those with given rights) Is a mild tempered medical professional, he's really just a big kitty who like to take care of others. When provoked he can be a moderate threat, though being his focus is in assisting. He typically won't be found playing 'Compete with the Shifters' with meaningless challenges.
Victoria Alpha of some Rank Julian Evil, plotting, and seriously out for this 'Might is Right' agenda!
Mystery-Stocker-Dude Terror of Jason's Nightmares Jason (anyone Jason allows) Plot Villian… need I say more?!
George Middle Ranked Alpha Jason or Anyone in need of Grumpy Alpha-ness Very pessimistic Alpha shifter…

Vampire Rules and Rulings

All Vampire Rules

Vampires with Calling shall be able to select their calling section of the community by selecting the relative population of a leader of the community. Thus the calling vampire could select Nimir-Raj/Nimir-Ra thus having control over the direct population that leader would potentially have control over. Thus selecting Nimir would grant access to only Pard Natural leopards. If another shifter is connected with the Pard. It requires the control of the Nimir to actually control the sworn loyal members outside the innate population controlled by the leader. (Leopards in an independent group still have a section of their beast that would instinctively obey a Nimir beast.)

It's possible to call a Leader of a faction, though extremely difficult. It is possible to call Alpha shifters and Betas though Betas are normally easier to control. Where Alphas are a bit harder, but not nearly as hard as Leader Shifters to control.

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You got to draw with your soul… man! — Paraphrased from a Gabe quote.


The kitteh just wants to play with you!




If I have to I will…


RAIDEN! No, we all do that on this staff… no bragging!


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