WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Ahikam portrayed by
Alex Band
Name: Edward 'Ahikam' Adams Aliases: Stuffy
Status: Active Race: Shapeshifter, Leopard (Panther)
Gender: Male Origin: American
Birthdate: 02/22/1992 Age: 19
Height: 5'2 Build: Skinny
Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond
Short Desc: A young, shy, timid boy
Parents: Deceased Siblings: None
Spouse: Crystal Children: The MiniPard!

In Character Descriptions


Ahikam appears rather young and frail at times, only around five feet tall, he still had a rather boyish look, not fully grown out of the baby softness. He had neatly cropped dirty blond hair, and stunningly blue eyes that seemed too large for his face, his skin softly tanned. His shoulders were barely beginning to broaden, his arms only carrying a bit of muscle to them, his body thin and lean, like he had never eaten enough. He wore a pair of blue jeans normally, and a loose fitting green shirt, cinched around his waist with a woven black leather braid belt.

When Ahikam is in less than a fully dressed state, the most stunning thing is revealed. Across his back, in stark relief against the gentle tan, etched into his skin with pain, precision, and awe striking beauty, were two angel wings, covering every inch of his back with sadistically loving detail, from the top of his shoulder blades, sweeping down to the small of his back, the tips of the wings trailing down over his ass, half framing them, the scars having never tanned, standing out sharply. The rest of his formerly scarred skin was smooth and clean, virtually no obvious hair on his body, any blond hair bleached from the sun and nearly invisible.invisible.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Ahikam suffers from PTSD due to his long captivity beneath his Master, even after two years of therapy, which Ahikam goes to weekly (npc unnamed doctor) Ahikam still has trouble with it at times. Most of the time Ahikam is able to suppress the effects of such, but when under a high stress situration, he can still lapse into flashbacks, which are usually noticable.

Known Triggers

Neck bites, or even teeth pressed into the neck, as often occurs when one exerts their dominance, has been known to affect Ahikam, and cause him to flash back, the sensations experienced are not always bad, depending on the level of stress Ahikam is under, strongly reminding him of the hundreds of times he had been bitten growing up. This is usually accompanied with momentary disorientation, as well as physical pleasure and arousal.

Excessive anger and verbal abuse directed to him also tends to cause flashbacks, having suffered a great deal of verbal abuse, much of which usually degraded into these threats being carried out, they tend to have a strong impact on Ahikam, tending to over react, though he does not tend to shift unless it is near to the full moon.

Vampires of any sort scare Ahikam on many levels, and he has a tendency to freeze when one appears nearby that he is not expecting. Part of the terror revolving around vampires stems from the fact that Ahikam is aware that he is still strongly addicted to the bite of a vampire, and he is afraid that if he is ever bitten again, any progress he made would be undone, and he will lost only fo the bite again.

Blood, especially excessive quantities of it are intoxicating, more then just to the hunger of the beast, blood is sexually arousing to the human, though this is normally controlled, and the only time Ahikam tends to indulge in this bloodlust is during the hunt beneath the full moon, catching and killing prey in such a way as to spill their blood all over himself, before rolling and nearly bathing in it. This is less an effect of PTSD then of a learned fetish engrained in him by his former master.

In addition, other stimulus may sometimes effect or bother Ahikam more than they should. Additional triggers or effects may be listed when they realized.